There are a few important notes to remember prior to your appointment (to assist you in the healing & longevity of your enhancement):

♥ Please refrain from taking any blood thinners, vitamins (particularly vitamin E)  or fish oils 1 week prior to your appointment (please consult with your Dr if you are unsure about stopping any blood thinners) 

♥ Please avoid alcohol the day before & on the day of your appointment

♥ Please limit caffeine the day of your appointment

♥ Please do not wear contact lenses on the day of your appointment. Please wear/bring your glasses only (eyeliner service only)


♥ Please exfoliate and moisturise your lips every few days up until the morning of your appointment - up to 2 weeks prior (lip service only)


♥ If you are cold sore sufferer; to prevent a breakout, it is recommended that you take your usual medication prior/after your tattoo appointment (e.g. Famvir or L-Lysine Tablets) (lip service only)

♥ It is strongly recommended (by NSW Government) that you wear a face mask during your treatment


Your appointment can take up to 2 - 2.5 hours. Please feel free to bring your phone, ear phones and your favourite songs so that you can enjoy some well deserved time out!