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Medical Tattoo Artistry


External Silicone Prosthesis Artisan

 (nipple & areola)

Donate Your Nipple Campaign



'Beauty Change Maker of the Year 2023'

 (Beauty Boss & MAGAP Awards)


As a successful, experienced and highly respected business owner, I am not just the face of the business, I am also the sole artist behind my brand. I work directly with all my clients & surgeons delivering high quality personalised service. 


Since launching ProCosmediq, I have become the country’s leading professional in my sector, a pioneer in the industry, assisting women and men to restore their confidence during their treatment pathway. 


Empowering people with choice is what I have always wanted to do. Going through something like breast cancer or post breast surgery trauma is heart-breaking so if I can provide that little boost of confidence, it’s my way of making this world a better place.


Niki xo 



  • External Silicone Nipple & Areola Prosthetics

  • Medical 3D Nipple/Areola Tattoos 

  • Areola Re-Pigmentation

  • Belly Button Tattoos

  • Eyebrow Tattoos (upon request only)

  • Other Medical & Cosmetic Tattoo enhancements

All my creations are carried out using a Digital Machine (and of course my hands!)


  • Silicone Nipple and Areola Prosthetics & Laboratory Training by X-Trude /Ennio Orsini School  (Italy) - 2021 & 2022

  • Paramedical Tattoo by Roberta Peixoto Academy (Brazil) - 2021

  • Paramedical & Scar Camouflage by Ink Boutique Houston (USA) - 2021

  • Paramedical, Scar Camouflage Tattoo & Skin Needling by Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College ( Australia) - 2019

  • Maintain Infection Control /Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattoo from Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College (Australia) - 2018




 A 3D Medical Tattoo is the 3D illusion of a protruding nipple combined with the shading & contouring technique of the areola to make them look incredibly realistic and natural from all different viewing angles.


I have always been a creative individual. My journey began in the tattoo industry with cosmetic tattoos, however, it was my creative flare and drive to support and elevate others that led me to the medical tattoo world. I knew there was so much more that I had to offer to the world and could do with my tattoo capabilities beyond cosmetic tattoos.

My intention is to restore confidence in you so that you can feel like yourself again after trauma. Being able to visualise something on yourself that you never thought you would see again & feeling conformable in your own body, which is your body's lifelong home, is a critical step in the recovery pathway.


The silicone prosthetics provide a unique and personalised solution as well as an alternative for people who choose not to undergo yet another surgery. While the process may sound confronting, it is actually one of the most uplifting things I have done for many people as they are able to see something on themselves that they never thought possible.

The silicone prosthetics look realistic and feel so natural. With the special adhesive, they can stay on the breast for up to a week and can even be worn swimming or at the gym.  Once used, they simply need a clean so that they are ready to be used again. They really are the most extraordinary advancement in technology.


My vision for ProCosmediq is beauty beyond just the physical appearance. I take my artistic skills to a deeper level; holistic healing for the whole body. Taking into account mental and social factors rather than just external modifications.

I will support you to Embrace Confidence, Feel Empowered, Be Visible. 


'Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet still become something beautiful -Beau Taplin

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