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What is a 3D Medical Tattoo?

A Medical Tattoo is the insertion of coloured pigments into the skin to mimic or enhance the appearance of natural features on the body.

The 3D illusion of a protruding nipple combined with the shading & contouring technique of the areola will make them look incredibly realistic from all different viewing angles.


What timing during the treatment pathway are you able to tattoo?

Once a clearance from your surgeon is provided, I can begin the tattoo process.


What is the timeline for this service? 

The first session takes approx. 2 - 2.5 hours.

The second session takes approx. 1.5 - 2 hours (if you would like to make any minor modifications to your tattoo, this would be the time to do so).


What is the difference between a semi-permanent tattoo v’s a permanent tattoo? 

All cosmetic or medical tattoo are semi-permanent. Our tools do not allow us to enter the skin further than 2 layers which is why sessions are split over 2 appointments (6 weeks apart).

This option gives a natural, realistic nipple/areola offering a 3D affect that can be enhanced at each refresh session.


A permanent tattoo can go as far as 7 layers into the skin and in most cases, you can have your tattoo completed in 1 session. Since the pigment is implanted so deeply into the skin, the colour will heal cool (brown into pink, pink into orange, dark brown into grey). The benefit of this type of tattoo is that is just that, permanent, however, creating a 3D effect with a softer, natural design would be difficult due to the nature of the needle. You would also not be able to replace or enhance it if you don’t like the creation or colour retention.


How long does the tattoo last?

The medical tattoo can last anywhere between 2 -5 years providing that the correct aftercare is upheld. A refresh session (one appointment only) is recommended (most clients see me after 12-18 months for a refresh)


What type of care and recovery is involved?

A detailed information sheet & aftercare cream will be provided at the first session. However, as an example, the first 7 days are crucial to the healing process. Activities such as swimming /gym or saunas are not recommended as this may cause fading or colour change.


Does it hurt?

The treatment is minimal-invasive. You will find the experience virtually painless & will be relieved to know that throughout the duration of the session, you will be quite comfortable.

A numbing gel is also available if required.


What are the advantages?

  • Avoiding further surgery & scarring

  • A non-invasive healing & recovery process

  • Enhancing the nipple & areola by adding fine lines & colour (that cannot be created with surgery)


Who would benefit from this service?

You will benefit from this service if you have undergone:

  • A single or double mastectomy as well as breast reconstruction

  • A nipple reconstruction

  • Skin changes due to chemotherapy, surgery and/or other conditions


What cost is involved?

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