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I custom make each external prosthetic nipple and areola with silicone.

I simply take a mould impression of the existing nipple and areola (either before or after surgery), ensuring that I capture all the intricate details of that area (montgomery glands, fine lines etc).

In the case of a bilateral mastectomy, the opportunity to select from a variety of donated nipple and areola moulds, that offer a range of shapes and sizes is also available. 


The silicone prosthetics provide a unique and personalised solution as well as an alternative for people who choose not to undergo yet another surgery. While the process may sound confronting, it is actually one of the most uplifting things I have done for many people as they are able to see something on themselves that they never thought possible.

The silicone prosthetics look realistic and feel so natural. With the special adhesive, they can stay on the breast for up to a week and can even be worn swimming or at the gym.  Once used, they simply need a clean so that they are ready to be used again. They really are the most extraordinary advancement in technology.

When you think about it, there are so many prosthetics and complementary aids that we use in life, glass eyes, wigs, prosthetic limbs.  Why not prosthetic nipples and areolas especially since the whole process is non-invasive.


Empowering people with choice is what I have always wanted to do. Going through something like breast cancer is traumatic and heart-breaking so if I can provide that little boost of confidence, it’s my way of making this world a better place. I am overwhelmed with the level of demand for this service and how much it is changing people’s lives.


I am humbled to be the first person to introduce this unique and innovate service in Australia (after completing my training with  in Italy).

I hope you love your prosthesis as much as I love making them for you!



1- Can I claim the purchase of my prosthesis from Medicare?

You may be eligible to claim a rebate from Medicare for the purchase of your prosthesis only if you have received treatment for Breast Cancer (not for breast trauma post surgery or if you carry the BRCA gene). ProCosmediq will provide you with the necessary paperwork required to make a claim, however, as this is a special program offered by Medicare. ProCosmediq cannot guarantee that the claim will be accepted or re-imbursed.

2 - How does it work?

An  impression of the existing nipple and areola is captured by using a moulding technique. Due to the uniqueness of this method, the anatomical and aesthetic details of the existing nipple and areola will be visible within the mould. It is at this stage, that the silicone will be poured into the mould to create the prosthesis.  

The silicone prosthesis is hand painted to recreate a realistic nipple and areola by capturing all the delicate and intricate features that the mould captured.

In the case of a bilateral mastectomy, the opportunity to select from a variety of donated nipple and areola moulds (that offer a range of shapes and sizes) will be available.

3 - How long do they stay bonded?

A special non-toxic, biocompatible and very high-strength glue has been developed to ensure that the prosthesis is capable of remaining bonded to the skin consecutively for more than 5-10 days. 

Once applied, the prosthesis can remain safely fixed on the breast without the need to be removed before bed, in the shower, swimming, at the gym or in any situation that everyday life entails.


After about 5-10 days, the prosthesis can be removed with a special product (so that the area can be cleansed) and then re-fixed on the same point if needed. If taken good care of, the prosthesis can last for years.


4 - What are the costs involved?

Please click on the link to view price

5 - Would colour/tone match with my other nipple if I only need one prosthesis?

Yes! The aim is to mimic the existing nipple/areola. If you are residing in NSW (Sydney), we can meet at one of the clinics I work from and I am able to mould the existing nipple & areola as well as take measurements….if you do not reside locally, please let me know so that I can discuss other options for you.


6 - How long it takes to order?

You can pre-order at anytime. Wait time will be advised at the mould consultation. 


7 - What is included in my package?

Your package will include the prosthesis, a free small amount of glue & and a free small sample of the remover (as well as brushes for the application/removal).

You will also be provided with instructions on how to care for your prosthesis.

8 - What if I run out of glue/remover?

Once you have used your free samples (those included in your package), you can purchase your own glue directly with the supplier (you will be emailed a link at the collection or delivery of your prosthesis). The glue can be purchased in Australia as well as other supplier locations globally.


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