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Please Note

Unfortunately there is no Medicare or Private Healthcare rebate available for the Medical Tattoo service.

3D Nipple & Areola

Unilateral (x1) 

$600 - session 1 (incl $50 deposit)

$300 - session 2

3D Nipple & Areola
Bilateral (x2)

$750 - session 1 (incl $50 deposit)

$300 - session 2


$600 - session 1 (incl $50 deposit)

$300 - session 2


$750 session 1 (incl $50 deposit)

$300 session 2

Belly Button

$600 session 1 (incl $50 deposit)

$300 session 2

A free telephone consultation is included in the above set prices.

Note 1 : A clearance letter or email by your Surgeon or GP is required. Please provide this prior to or at session 1 . Your Medical Tattoo appointment will not proceed without a clearance letter/email

Note 2: If you cannot attend your scheduled session 2 appointment within the 6-8 week time frame, you will need to re-book for a refresh appointment (and pay the cost of a refresh appointment). This is due to the fact that by leaving the tattoo longer (than the 6-8 week rule), the tattoo will require additional time to complete and additional pigment use. 

Note 3: A refresh appointment can cost between $450 - $550 (depending on the service required).
Please reach out to ProCosmediq for further information

Note 4: 
Payment options are inclusive of: Direct Debit / Eftpos/ Cash or Afterpay

Cancellation Policy:


Deposits are non-refundable as they represent the reasonable costs and time for the appointment (unfortunately experience dictates that this precaution be put in place).

More than 48 hours notice

Rescheduling for another day/time will be available to you at no additional cost. Note availability may be limited.

Less than 48 hours notice

Your original deposit is forfeited in full.

You will need to pay another deposit to confirm a new appointment. Note availability may be limited

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