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OMG Niki. I still cant believe these are mine.

Thank you for your big effort and big warm heart, that's why I can trust you and  leave it to you.

I really think I was so lucky my Dr introduced you to me!

Thank you for giving me lots of energy always.

I look forward to seeing you at my next appointment. Arigato xoxo

          Noriko  (Areola Camouflage)



Mummy your nipples are

growing back

Maya - 6yrs old

 (commenting on her mummy's 3D Nipple & Areola)

Hi Niki

Healing is great!

I will send you an image tomorrow. 

Love it. Love it.

I cant wait to show Dr S your artwork.



Ku (Transgender Mastectomy)

Hi Niki,


It was so lovely to meet you today and I am super excited to see what my final results are going to be.


Thankyou for making me feel so comfortable today. You are extremely talented and I can't wait for my next appointment to catch up with you again   

Donna (Areola Re-Creation)




Thank you so much!!!

I've got tears in my eyes


Ann (3D Nipple & Areola)

Niki I want to thank you for making me feel so comfortable. I'm very impressed in what you are doing.


I'm so over moon with what you have done today. I can't help the tears and the smile on my face everybody is asking what different about me!


You're changing my life to a confident happy life and experiencing changes in my life.. XOXO





Hi Niki,

Thank you a thousand times!!

Thank you so much for yesterday!!!

I couldn't stop looking in the mirror last night my scars don't stand out as much!!!

Have a great day xo



Nicole (3D Nipple & Areola)

Hi Niki,

Bloody hell Niki, they look freaking amazing - its incredible how real they look. Wow!

Healing really well, I have been really careful and followed all ur instructions.

Appreciate so much for ur check in.

Thank you wonderful woman xx


Carol (3D Nipple & Areola)

I have literally just got out of the shower so face all red and have no make-up, but look at these brows!!!


Loving your work lady!!! xxx





Megan (Eyebrows)

Hi Niki,

You did such an amazing job.

I cant stop looking in the mirror.

It just looks so real!!

And it doesn't look like it has faded much either.



Sandra (3D Nipple & Areola)

Thank you so much Niki.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your work is impeccable - A true artist at what you do.

Thank you again - Love your work!




Suzi (3D Nipple & Areola)

Hi Niki,

I just wanted to say that it was lovely spending time with you today.


Thank you




Carolyn M (3D Nipple & Areola)

Cant thank you enough for your exceptional work. I am so grateful to you, not only for your exceptional skills but for also being such an empathetic beautiful person. I know in my heart you will be very successful. Sending you best wishes & success. 

Alexis (3D Nipple & Areola)

Graves Disease caused my eyes to bulge and unfortunately my left eye did not improve as much as my right after my thyroid was stabilised. Niki was fastidious about making both eyes ‘look’ even, and for the first time in 15 years I feel like they do! Cosmetic tattooing isn’t just a time saving exercise for the time poor, or vanity. When I look in the mirror now, it’s not a constant reminder of a time when I was very sick. Thank you ProCosmediq, I love the new me ♥️

                  Anonymous (Eyeliner)

I just wanted to thank Niki for her highly professional and meticulous attention to detail in helping to sculpt and better define my eyebrows and eyeliner. She is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to indulge in the same x

                       Judy (Eyebrows & Eyeliner)

For several years I had contemplated the idea of having my eyebrows tattooed. When I discovered Niki, I had no hesitation in going ahead. I was not disappointed! The attention to detail and expertise is second to none. I had complete faith in the entire process, and had a lot of laughs during my visits. I followed the after care instructions and ensured I returned for the follow up visit. 

I have received many compliments, and as I don’t wear much makeup other than foundation and blush, I feel my minimal makeup looks enhanced! I treated myself and it paid off! 

                   Moira (Eyebrows)

Niki you are amazing and put me at ease immediately. As I’m a mature lady with blond sparse eyebrows, you listened to my concerns with patience & respect. Even though my skin was extremely resistant and I had to have an extra visit, there was minimal pain and I absolutely love them.

Thank you for being extremely professional and checking in with me throughout the whole healing process. I never thought my eyebrows could look this good again

                           Pam (Eyebrows)

Niki was highly recommended by my hairdresser as I was looking for someone to touch-up my eyebrows. I cannot express at how delighted I am that I followed through with her recommendation. Niki just made me feel so at ease and relaxed the minute I met her. She listened to what I wanted but also offered professional advice. I just loved being around her. She is stringent with hygiene and treats her profession with the upmost respect and dignity. 

I loved her work so much that I had my Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips tattooed plus Skin Needling treatment. I would HIGHLY recommend her to everyone.  Thank you Niki for making me feel amazing. 

                 Bronwyn (Eyebrows, Lips & Eyeliner)

Yellow and Purple Flowers

Dear Niki,

I’m sitting here enjoying my chocolate you gave me today and thinking how lucky I am. Lucky I’m here to say thanks to all the wonderful people I have met and all the support I have had since being diagnosed with breast cancer. A special thanks to you for understanding the need to not only look good but to feel good. I am so pleased I decided to have the 3D nipple tattooing. I loved the results after the initial work you did and what you did today is just amazing. So again thank you.

You are an amazing lady, you obviously love what you do and I am so lucky and I appreciate what you have done for me.

 🙏 Lynn (3D Nipple & Areola)

She is brilliant...couldn't recommend anyone better than this woman. It only takes one act of kindness and caring to change a persons life...Thank you Niki

        Shaz (3D Nipple & Areola)

Thank you so much for a perfect job Niki. I am so excited to show them off. I was really nervous about getting my eyebrows tattooed, as a busy mum of young kids I don't often get  'dressed up' let alone wear makeup so I thought I might look silly. You made me feel comfortable as your professionalism put me at ease quickly. You understood my concerns and you were very thorough with colour. The procedure itself was quite relaxing. Thank you Niki, my new eyebrows are a life changer and I feel 'made up' everyday - you are truly amazing!

         Fotoula (Eyebrows)


It has actually helped me psychologically as well. I didn't think I had problems with no nipples but it looks as though I did. 

Michelle (3D Nipple & Areola)

Niki was so amazing, professional but fun & personal. She made me feel instantly relaxed, spoilt, pampered. The planning consult was brilliant – Niki went through all the options in detail, we landed on a design, colour etc, but I then had a few weeks to sit with it, then came back for the real tattoo session with just a slight design `tweek’ in mind. Niki did an incredible job – everyone (including me) thinks my brows look fantastic, totally natural (which was style I wanted), so much so that most people didn’t notice (but you sure can if you see the before and after photos, thank god). Thank you Niki!!!!!

     Dr Victoria Wise (Eyebrows)

Niki I am so happy with my new eyebrows!!!!!!

Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. You put me at ease & I just loved how you included me in the whole transformation process. I can’t stop smiling!!!!!

Vickie (Eyebrows

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