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donate your nipple®

Empowering People With Choice!

'Donate' a mould of your nipple to give those who have lost their breasts the opportunity to wear a realistic 'prosthetic'.


An  impression of the nipple and areola is captured by using a moulding technique.


Due to the uniqueness of this method, the anatomical and aesthetic details of the existing nipple and areola will be visible within the mould. 

The process is very easy and it can take between 20-30 mins.

(*a consent form will be required to be completed prior to the moulding process)


Not all donations have to be in 

monetary form!

who are you supporting

You are supporting breast cancer survivors, and people who have experienced significant breast trauma. 

The prosthetics provide a unique and personalised solution as well as an alternative for people who choose not to undergo yet another surgery or do not wish to receive a medical tattoo.

You will be empowering people with choice!

why should
i donate

Donating your nipple means that you will donate a mould of your areola and nipple for the creation of a silicone prosthetic so that people who have undergone a single or double mastectomy have the opportunity of choosing from a variety of nipples.


Your donation will make a huge difference to their lives as they will be able to see something on themselves that they never thought possible.

Not all nipple shapes are the same!

No Name, No MOuld

The person requiring a silicone prosthesis will be selecting a mould that has been named (rather than choosing a mould with a number or barcode).This will create a unique bond between the donor and the client (even though they may never meet).



Connection through kindness is key!

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my story

When embarking on this journey to become the country’s leading nipple and areola prosthetics expert, I had no idea how popular the new technology would become and I am now calling on women and men to donate moulds of their nipples to help breast cancer survivors across the country. 

Empowering people with choice is what I have always wanted to do. Going through something like breast cancer is traumatic and heart-breaking so if I can provide that little boost to their confidence, it’s my way of making this world a better place.

There are so many prosthetics and complementary aids that we use in life, glass eyes, wigs, prosthetic limbs.  Why not prosthetic nipples and areolas especially since the whole process is non-invasive.

The prosthetics provide a unique and personalised solution as well as an alternative for people who choose not to undergo yet another surgery. While the process may sound confronting, it is actually one of the most uplifting things I have done for many people.


The prosthetics look so real and feel so natural. With my special adhesive, they can stay on the breast for up to a week and can even be worn swimming or at the gym.  Once used, they simply need a clean so that they are ready to be used again. They really are the most extraordinary advancement in technology.

Niki xo

Sign me up!
I want to be a part of this revolutionary project. 
Simply fill out the form below so that we can arrange a day and time for you to come into the studio to have a mould taken of your areola and nipple

Thank you for your submitting.
You are a superstar!

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