1- How long do they last?

Once applied, the prosthesis can remain safely fixed on the breast for more approx 5-10 days without the need to be removed before bed, in the shower, swimming, at the gym or in any situation that everyday life entails.


After about 5-10 days, the prosthesis can be removed with a special product (so that the area can be cleansed) and then re-fixed on the same point if needed. If taken good care of, the prosthesis can last for years.


2- What are the costs involved?

Please click on the link to view price

3- Would colour/tone match with my other nipple if I only need one prosthesis?

Yes! The aim is to mimic the existing nipple/areola. If you are residing in NSW (Sydney), we can meet at one of the clinics I work from and I am able to mould the existing nipple & areola as well as take measurements….if you do not reside locally, please let me know so that I can discuss other options for you.


4- How long it takes to order?

You can pre-order at anytime, however, they will not be available to be sent/picked up until June 2022.


5- What is included in my package?

Your package will include the prosthesis, small amount of glue & remover as well as brushes for application/removal. You will also be given instructions on how to care for your prosthesis.

6- What if I run out of glue/remover?

Should you run out of glue/remover, you can purchase these items through me at a later stage.