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3D Nipple & Areola Tattoo - How & Why?

Paramedical & Scar Camouflage - the whole reason that I decided to become a Cosmetologist. This is the truth.

I cannot honestly remember the 'light bulb' moment. Perhaps it was when I discovered that the service was not available locally or when it was during a time in my life where I was ready to leave my current job (corporate world) & focus more on a job that would ignite my passion for creativity & fulfill my personal satisfaction.

I guess it doesn't matter when, I am just so elated that it did.

The training pre-requisites were as follows:

1 - Cosmetic Tattoo Design & Maintain course

2 - Maintain Infection Control course

3 - 1 year min of Cosmetic Tattoo experience

4 - Paramedical & Scar Camouflage course

I didn't care how long it took or what I had to pay. I just had to do it.

So many of us place so much of our energy into ensuring that those we love & care for are safe & protected that we often become background noise. Learning to untangle the web we created is not easy (and it can suck) but once we have an understanding of ourselves; why we behave the way we do - it is then that we can comfortably put our needs & desires first.

When I am immersed in this type of creation, I am literally in another world. Watching the 3D nipple/areola tattoo unfold right before my eyes is purely magical. This type of creation isn't only about studying, reading or watching - its about practice, practice practice and of course most importantly; having a creative mind. Being empathetic, patient & gentle. It is a niche. It is not easy, however, for me it is everything.

When I first meet my patients (or heroes if you like), I am often greeted with anxiousness and vulnerability. So many have already been traumatised by the cancer they had to fight, all of them so happy to be alive - yet getting a tattoo is always so unsettling. I understand this. I really do.

Up to this stage, not having a nipple/areola was not a concern. Most have mentioned that 'once the dust settled' it was then that they felt that something was taken from them. They wanted it back. They wanted to feel 'whole & normal' to not be 'reminded' of their battle each time they were naked. To be able to give this gift to someone is somehow like - how can I explain know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you've done a good deed, or when you see a beautiful moment unfold right in before your eyes; it is abit like that - but better !!!!

This is my How & Why.

I would like to acknowledge Dr Palasovski (Oncoplastic surgeon), Ann & Lynda (Breast Cancer Support Nurses) for being kind & supportive. For giving an 'underdog' a go.

I appreciate you.

Special thanks to my husband, son & wonderful friends who put up with me during this transition. I was such a miserable person (like a dragon lady type of miserable). Sorry. I love you all.

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