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Semi-Permanent vs Permanent (Tattoo)

We are not tattoo parlours. We are more like distant cousins or inlaws. We are all professional, artistic & creative in our own rights but we are not the same!

On numerous occasions (actually 90% of the time), when I tell people what I do for work, I get similar reactions 'Oh that's great but ohhh a tattoo, it freaks me out just thinking about it' or 'I'd love to get my eyebrows done but I'm so scared of the thought of a needle on my face'......

I highly (like times a million) recommend that you research, research, research. It's best to know all the details so that you can make an informed decision I've outlined some very important points below:

* The depth of the penetration of the skin differs. Semi-permanent tattoos touch the epidermis (top thin layer of the skin - this is why you require a refresh). Permanent tattoos go deeper into the hypordermis (this is why they are a permanent option)

* Semi-permanent tattoos are created using pigments. Permanent tattoos are created using ink

* The semi-permanent tattoo (once healed) will give you a more natural appearance

* Semi-permanent tattoos are created using a rotary machine (I don't microblade, I only use a machine). The means that the needles will penetrate the epidermis of the skin (unlike permanent tattoos that penetrate much deeper into the hypodermis)

By doing your research (or reading mine) & by understanding the semi-permanent process you can feel more at ease about making the decision to get one. If you're still unsure, then perhaps this service is not for you!

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