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Low Maintenance; Not No Maintenance

'I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter' - Walt Disney

This is as real as I can be; your cosmetic enhancement will be low maintenance, not no maintenance. Whoever is telling you otherwise is lying! If you book for a service with me, I will always remind you of this (perhaps maybe too many times).

Even with cosmetic surgery (or just simply a cosmetic tattoo), a refresh is always required. No service will magically make things disappear forever. The time between treatment & refresh can depend on many factors; medication, skin type, age, type of work, quality of life etc.

I personally have found myself in situations where I naively thought, if I do this, I'm sure there would be 'no more maintenance' - boy was I wrong. Surgery did not 'forever' get rid of my endometriosis, sculpsure did not 'forever' remove my cellulite, BBL Laser did not 'forever' remove my pigment (in fact, I ended up with hyperpigmentation) .... the the point is, even though these treatments did not (forever) miraculously cure my vanity woes, they did make life alittle easier & I certainly loved myself a little bit more that I did before (apart form the hyperpigmentation - that still sux).

Low maintenance could mean many things; saving money, saving time, giving you the 'wake up & go' feels, going to the gym or holidays & not worrying about basic makeup ( the list goes on).....ultimately, if you are aware & respectful of the points mentioned above, then I say you will LOVE your cosmetic enhancement. If you want a fairytale ending - call Cinderella !

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