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I Want To Book But (after 1 year) I'm Still Not Sure.

Seeing as though I will endeavour to be 100% honest with you in all my blogs......this is what I truly think when I hear this comment (and I hear this alot) .... 'well if you’re not sure after 1 year, then you don't really want to book'.

Cosmetic enhancements or tattooing or whatever it is you want to call it is not for everyone. I know when I had my brows tattooed (way before it became so big), I was so sick of having to pencil my brows in every day. I was so sick of worrying about smudging or sweating or wiping my face (just in case I wiped the brow pencil away). I was prepared to pay whatever it took to never have to deal with this on a daily basis. Was it a first world problem, definitely not, but it was my problem and I really did not enjoy it.

My point is, if you are still 'unsure', I highly recommend you invest in a good powder/pencil or fortnightly eyebrow tints & life goes on....however, if you've done your research & if you value your time & want to invest in yourself - make the booking. Just do it. It’s not that hard. You will be ok. You will love it. trust me, I know.

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