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Same Same but Different

Same service, different result. Stop judging.

Everyone has an idea of what transformation they would like, (especially when it comes to a tattoo on their face/body). You have no right to judge someones decision without knowing why they decided to go for the look they did. I hear so many judgmental comments about other peoples choices; too dark, too light, too thick, too thin, to brown, too natural, not natural enough, shes too old, he's to masculine, shes too young & the list goes on......

It is so important that you understand that no enhancement/tattoo will ever be the same. Different skin types, different wants & needs, different personalities. Please don't judge someone else's decision because it does not align with yours. Isn't it more important to support & elevate each other so that we embrace confidence, feel empowered & be visible. Isn't this all that matters!

Most importantly, I would never proceed with a service that I did not 100% entirely agree with. I just wouldn't. I would much rather say no. I will say no.

I will however, grant you the respect by being respectful of your expectations so that you can reach your desired outcome.

ps: Love this.....

'No-one will understand you,

It is not, ultimately, that important.

What is important is that,

You understand you!

- Matt Haig

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